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AI Predicts First Ever Japanese Winner of Kentucky Derby

David Evans
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Key Highlights:

  • ChatGPT predicts Forever Young becomes first ever Japanese horse to win the Kentucky Derby
  • Kentucky Derby favorite, Fierceness predicted to finish second by AI platform
  • Sierra Leone fades in the home stretch after setting the pace

ChatGPT has had its say on the 2024 Kentucky Derby and the AI platform believes that this year’s race could have an international flavor. 

Artificial intelligence (AI) is getting smarter by the day, so we decided to put it to the test for this year’s Kentucky Derby. ChatGPT was asked to predict how “The Run for the Roses” would play out and it wasn’t afraid to offer a bold prediction.

After feeding the information including odds, trainers, and previous results to the AI service, it took just seconds before it delivered its commentary on the race alongside its prediction of the final result, and here’s what ChatGPT had to say.

ChatGPT’s Kentucky Derby Prediction

As the 2024 Kentucky Derby approaches, anticipation builds with a diverse field of contenders, each bringing unique strengths to the storied race at Churchill Downs. The standout horses this year include the likes of Sierra Leone and Fierceness, but it’s the two Japanese entrants, Forever Young (JPN) and T O Password (JPN), who bring an intriguing international flavor to the Derby.

As we dive deeper into the strategic and dramatic elements of the 2024 Kentucky Derby, let’s examine how the race could unfold given the strengths and tactics of key contenders.

Early Stages:

The race begins with a quick pace set by Sierra Leone, the 3-1 second favorite known for its speed. Sierra Leone’s strategy will likely be to take an early lead, setting a blistering pace to challenge the stamina of the other contenders. Close behind, Fierceness, the 5-2 favorite, and Catching Freedom, at 8-1, might position themselves strategically, using their strong tactical speed to stay within striking distance without burning out too early.

Mid-Race Dynamics:

As the horses settle into their rhythms, we can expect the mid-pack to start making moves as they approach the halfway mark. This is where the race strategy becomes crucial. Forever Young (JPN), positioned comfortably in the middle, might hold steady, conserving energy for a late push. The jockey’s experience and timing will be crucial here, as maintaining just the right distance from the leaders without getting boxed in by other contenders will be key.

The Backstretch:

During the backstretch, expect some of the long shots like T O Password (JPN) and Endlessly to attempt moves to gain ground. However, the stronger contenders will begin to make significant moves here. Just a Touch, with 10-1 odds, might start his push, leveraging his known endurance and strength in longer races.

Final Turn and Stretch:

As the field rounds the final turn, Sierra Leone might begin to feel the pressure of the pace they’ve set. This is when Fierceness, Catching Freedom, and potentially Just a Touch start their serious bids for the lead. It’s also the perfect moment for Forever Young (JPN) to make a decisive move. With tactical precision, Forever Young (JPN)’s jockey could navigate through the tiring leaders, finding a clear path to surge forward.

The Finish:

In a thrilling finish, Forever Young (JPN) uses the chaos in front to his advantage, threading through gaps left by the dueling leaders. With an unexpected burst of speed and stamina, Forever Young (JPN) overtakes Sierra Leone and Fierceness in the final furlong, clinching a memorable victory. This strategic masterstroke not only showcases the skill of the jockey but also highlights the horse’s ability to perform under pressure, marking a significant moment for Japanese thoroughbreds on the international racing stage.

Projected Result of the 2024 Kentucky Derby:

  1. Forever Young (JPN) – Trainer: Y. Yahagii, Odds: 10-1
  2. Fierceness – Trainer: T. Pletcher, Odds: 5-2
  3. Sierra Leone – Trainer: C. Brown, Odds: 3-1
  4. Just a Touch – Trainer: B. Cox, Odds: 10-1

Forever Young Becomes First Japanese Horse to Win Kentucky Derby According to AI

Should ChatGPT’s prediction of Forever Young winning the Kentucky Derby come to fruition, it would be the first time ever a Japanese horse has won the race.

Some recent notable performances from Japanese horses include:

  1. Ski Captain (1995) – Finished 14th.
  2. Lani (2016) – Finished 9th.
  3. Master Fencer (2019) – Finished 6th.
  4. Crown Pride (2022) – Finished 13th.
  5. Mandarin Hero (2023) – Finished 12th.
  6. Derma Sotogake (2023) – Finished 6th.

However, AI is now predicting that Forever Young will go one better than those above and etch its name in folklore by becoming the first horse from the Land of the Rising Sun to take down the American runners and win Saturday’s Kentucky Derby.

David Evans
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