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Most Attractive Female UFC Fighters According to AI

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Key Highlights:

  • Mackenzie Dern Rated Hottest Female UFC Fighter with a score of 8.18/10.
  • Montana De La Rosa Named Hottest American Fighter with a score of 8.03/10.
  • Only Three Americans Make Top-10: Montana De La Rosa, Miesha Tate, and Tracy Cortez, while four Brazilians make the list.

Artificial intelligence was already a scary prospect, but now it has developed into being able to tell us mere humans how hot we really are. We decided to put the new software to the test and asked it to rank the most attractive UFC fighters. To measure attractiveness, the AI software measures physical characteristics like facial symmetry and overall physique. But which UFC fighters rank as the most attractive according the new technology? Let’s take a look at the most attractive female UFC fighters according to AI.

1. Mackenzie Dern – 8.18/10

Mackenzie Dern

Brazil’s Mackenzie Dern has secured the top spot in an AI-generated ranking of the most attractive female UFC fighters. The algorithm highlighted the Brazilian jiu-jitsu ace’s striking features, captivating smile, and athletic physique. While known for her submission skills, this analysis puts a spotlight on Dern’s undeniable beauty.

2. Montana De La Rosa – 8.03/10

Montana De La Rosa

Montana De La Rosa has landed the second spot, and comes in as the USA’s number one in the AI’s ranking of the most attractive female UFC fighters. Artificial intelligence analyzed her balanced features, approachable demeanor, and overall athleticism, and was more than impressed.  While De La Rosa is a respected contender in the flyweight division, this ranking sheds light on her appeal outside the Octagon.

3. Veronica Hardy – 8.0/10

Veronica Hardy

Veronica Hardy has secured third place in the AI’s analysis of the most attractive female UFC fighters. The flyweight contender’s striking eyes, radiant smile, and sculpted physique impressed the algorithm. While relatively new to the UFC, this ranking puts Hardy firmly on the radar, highlighting her potential to become a breakout star.

4. Polyana Viana – 7.98/10

Polyana Viana

Brazilian flyweight Polyana Viana takes fourth in the AI’s ranking of the UFC’s most attractive female fighters. The program cited her captivating features, fit physique, and radiant energy. Known for her spirited fighting style, this ranking reveals Viana’s undeniable allure outside the Octagon.

5. Alexa Grasso – 7.84/10

Alexa Grasso

Mexican flyweight champion Alexa Grasso has been recognized as the fifth most attractive female UFC fighter by the AI analysis. AI was impressed by her youthful energy, striking features, and confident demeanor. Grasso, considered a strong contender in her division, has now also gained recognition for her captivating looks. Grasso’s star seems poised to rise, and this AI assessment only adds to her upward trajectory.

6. Ariane Lipski – 7.78/10

Ariane Lipski

Ariane Lipski, known as the “Queen of Violence,” has earned the sixth spot in the AI’s ranking of the UFC’s most attractive female fighters. The AI platform was captivated by her striking beauty, fierce look, and powerful physique. Lipski’s reputation for aggression in the Octagon is now complemented by this recognition of her undeniable appeal. This ranking adds an intriguing new aspect to her image, further solidifying her status as a rising star to watch.

7. Joanna Jedrzejczyk – 7.44/10

Joanna Jedrzejczyk

Former strawweight champion Joanna Jedrzejczyk secures the seventh spot in the AI ranking of the most attractive female UFC fighters. The AI service seemed to be a fan of her sharp features, undeniable intensity, and athletic build. While known for her dominance in the Octagon, this ranking offers a fresh perspective on the Polish icon.

8. Miesha Tate – 7.14/10

Miesha Tate

Miesha Tate, a former bantamweight champion and UFC pioneer, lands at number eight in the AI’s attractiveness ranking. Hher classic features, infectious smile, and overall powerful presence made the AI blush. While Tate’s legacy in the sport is well established, this ranking highlights her timeless appeal.

9. Tabatha Ricci – 7.09/10

Tabatha Ricci

Tabatha Ricci, known as “Baby Shark” has claimed ninth place in the AI’s most attractive female UFC fighters ranking. The algorithm noted her captivating eyes, bright smile, and athletic physique. Ricci’s reputation as a fierce competitor is now complemented by this recognition of her undeniable beauty. This ranking adds a new dimension to Ricci’s story, suggesting her appeal goes beyond her fighting skills.

10. Tracy Cortez – 7.01/10

Tracy Cortez

Flyweight contender Tracy Cortez rounds out the top 10 of the AI’s most attractive female UFC fighters. Her striking beauty, fit physique, and radiant confidence added up to a 7.01 rating. Known for her spirited personality and exciting fighting style, Cortez now gains a new distinction based on her looks.  It certainly adds another intriguing layer to the rising fighter’s appeal, offering the possibility of reaching an even broader audience.


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