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Exclusive with Oleksandr Usyk’s trainer Sergey Lapin: Tyson Fury is NOT preparing for a fight, how far will he go to avoid Oleksandr? Usyk is unbreakable

Liam Solomon
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Best Sports Betting Canada caught up with Oleksandr Usyk’s right-hand man, Sergey Lapin, as negotiations for a bout between the Ukrainian and Tyson Fury continue.

The Gypsy King has been demanding a 70/30 split for the highly-anticipated fight – a deal Usyk agreed to last week.

Nevertheless, Lapin, is now Chief Officer of promotional company Usyk 17 Promotions, insists Fury is doing all he can to put off the fight.

Tyson Fury is NOT preparing for a fight with Usyk and the silence from his camp ‘is deafening’

SL: “On Friday, Tyson Fury posed in front of the cameras with Joseph Parker, declaring he’s starting training camp. Hours later we are hearing from a member of his entourage that it’s all smoke and mirrors. Fury has not started camp, he is not preparing to fight Usyk. He may well be making noise on social media, but I can tell you the silence from his promoters is deafening.”

Tyson Fury constantly disrespects boxing and it’s fans and his greed is not a good look

SL: “Fury once again misleads the fans and disrespects boxing. There’s a pattern of misdirection when it comes to Fury. Did he ever donate that money to the homeless people that he promised early on in his career? What happened to his retirement? At one point he said 50-50 was the correct split of the purse to face Usyk, what happened to that? Now we’re at 70-30 and we’re awaiting the next hoop to jump through.

“How far will you continue to go to avoid Usyk, Tyson? Who knows what new demand we’ll receive this week, will it be the colour of our shorts on fight night, or a certain ring walk song we’ll need to use? Maybe it’s all mind games, to try and get into Usyk’s head, but Fury should know Usyk is built differently. He’s unbreakable.”

Anthony Joshua deserves so much respect for ‘testing himself against the best’ – Fury doesn’t do this

SL: “Anthony Joshua stood up and was counted. Joshua should have the respect of all boxing fans for wanting to test himself against the best. Too often we hear Fury is the people’s champion. Joshua is the real people’s champion in the UK. He’ll knock out Jermaine Franklin and in the future will do the same to Fury, but we want Fury first.

“Negotiations with AJ were very straightforward – they always are when you have a warrior that wants to fight – with Fury it has been cowardly. Usyk is 100% ready for battle. We’re ready to come to Fury’s house and show him who the best in the world is. He can prove himself by signing a contract, but time is ticking – not only to make the fight – but also on Tyson’s legacy. He will always be known as the giant who ran from the middleweight if he doesn’t answer our call and make the fight.”

Liam Solomon

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