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Top 3 Highest Paid Just Sleeping Streamers

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It seems like you can get paid for just about anything in this day and age. A new category of Twitch Streamers has broken the code and found a way to get paid over $23,000 a month for just sleeping.

That’s correct. There are streamers making a six-figure income from just sleeping during a live stream and it’s become entertaining content in the process.

Using data from Feed Pixel, the data analysts at Best Sports Betting Canada have analyzed the Twitch Streamers that earn the most income from just sleeping.

Twitch Streamer Kai Cenat was the top earner with annual earnings of $285,840 while sleeping once a day on Twitch. He’s developed a fan base of over 4 million followers that look to “annoy” or disrupt his sleep on a live stream.

Even though the category isn’t as popular as others on the platform, there are plenty of streamers earning a living by simply sleeping on their live streams.

Liam Solomon, a data analyst for Best Sports Betting Canada, commented on the data, saying “With how much money streamers are earning by just sleeping, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see the category start to gain more steam in 2023.”

Let’s take a look at the highest-earning Just Sleeping streamers on Twitch

Twitch Streamer Makes Over $23K a Month From Sleeping

On Twitch, there are a few ways that a streamer can make money while sleeping. The streamer enables text-to-speech donations or allows its users to participate in media share donations.

By enabling text-to-speech donations, viewers are able to interact with the streamer while they are asleep. Generally, viewers enjoy posting annoying messages to try to disrupt the Twitch Streamer. Some streamers take it a step further and allow viewers that donate to post links to a video that plays on the stream.

The highest-paid sleeping Twitch Streamer is KaiCenat from the US. In one month, KaiCenat makes about $23,280 a month. Meanwhile from Japan, kato_junichi0817 makes about $4,020 monthly and n3koglai from Europe brings in $2,760 a month from sleeping on Twitch.

While “I’m Just Sleeping” isn’t an overly popular category on Twitch, these streamers have a huge following and capitalize on it by streaming all day and night.

If the revenue numbers are any indication, it seems like viewers find trying to bother streamers during their sleep to be very entertaining.

Twitch Streamer KaiCenat Makes Over $20K a Month From Sleeping

Most popular Twitch streamers don’t start out their channel by just sleeping but there are many streamers that have hopped on the trend, including KaiCenat.

Actually, KaiCenat helped popularize the trend by committing to a sleep marathon on his channel.

KaiCenat is one of the most popular Twitch streamers on the platform with over 4.2 million followers. Since starting his channel in February 2021, he’s quickly become one of the most subscribed Twitch streamers of all time. His channel has over 9.15 million views and just based on his sleeping streams, KaiCenat pulls in $285,480 a year, that’s not including his other gaming streams.

Another popular Twitch streamer, kato_juichi0817 from Japan, has over 700K followers on his channel. He has over 32 million channel views and makes a sizable income off his sleeping streams for an average salary of $48,240.

Lastly, the third highest-paid sleeping Twitch streamer is n3koglai, who has over 2.5 million followers. Like the others, he has millions of channel views with over 12 million. Just off of his sleeping Twitch stream, n3koglai pulls in just over $33K a year from catching some z’s on a live stream.

Check out the stats for the top-earning sleeping Twitch Streamers.

Twitch Streamer Number of Followers Average Length of Stream Average Amount of Live Viewers Amount of Active Chatters per Stream Number of Channel Views Yearly Salary ($)
KaiCenat 4,277,035 6h 30m 56,852 19,898.2 9,150,000 285,840
kato_juichi0817 716,356 5h 18m 12,000 4,200 32,482,171 48,240
n3koglai 2,511,459 4h 30 mins 14,000 4,900 12,851,561 33,120

Sleeping Jobs that Pull in Over $3,000 a Month

The “I’m Just Sleeping” category is tough to break through on Twitch but there are other ways to make money sleeping.

While Twitch Streamers make the majority of their income from donations, people can find steadier-paying jobs for just sleeping.

The highest-paid sleeping jobs include bed and mattress testers, sleep executives, line sitters, and sleep research trials. A bed and mattress tester can make upwards of $3,279/month, while a clinical sleeping trial could be an extra $1,500/per trial.


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